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Rs.1,30,000/-         GST

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Rs.65,000/-       GST

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What to learn in the Course?


    Excel introduction & settings 
    Formatting, Cell referencing
    Keyboard shortcuts 
    Format cells dialoge box 
    Page setup 
    Logical , Mathematical  & Date and time functions
    Paste special
    Online Excel
    Comprehensive formula lesson
    Sort and filter
    Custom sorting
    Flash fill
    New window, arrange window
    split and hide, Freeze Panes 

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Tally Prime/ Tally ERP 9

      Introduction to Tally Prime: meaning, features,                creation of a company
      Gateway of Tally
      Creation of ledgers
      Accounting vouchers in Tally Prime
      Credit note & debit note
      Stock items, stock categories and stock groups,              and units of measure
      GST taxation ledgers and accounting entrie
      GST rate setup, GSTIN
      Import and export of data
      Reports in Tally Prime
      Backup of data 
      Restore data
      Tally shortcut keys
      Difference between Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime
      Difference between Zoho Books and Tally

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ZOHO Books

    Zoho Books overview & Settings
    Dashboard, Items and banking
    Sales , Purchases & Accountant Module
    GST filing  
    Zoho Books shortcut keys

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TDS & TCS Filling

      Introduction to TDS  & TCS
      Applicability of TDS & TCS
      TDS on salary and TDS & TCS under GST
      TDS Challan
      TDS Certificate and TDS Credit under 26AS
      TDS & TCS rates  
      Guide for uploading TDS Return
      Filing Revised TDS return and TDS Refund
      TCS payment  
      TCS return and certificate
      Difference between TDS and TCS

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Tools You will learn

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