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Rs.1,30,000/-         GST

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Rs.65,000/-       GST

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ppta course intermediate

What to learn in the Course?


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 Net Income Projections
 Financial  ,Lookup &  GetPivotData function
 Conditional Formatting
 Data validation
 Goto special
 PivotTable concepts and PivotTable with different   calculations
 Data analysis: Sumifs vs PivotTable
 Cross tabulated PivotTable report
 Creating PivotTable from multiple sheets
 Refresh, Totals, Grouping, Sorting & Formatting   PivotTable

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ZOHO Inventory

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Time tracking
Reports and documents
GST filing
Zoho Inventory Overview & Settings
Items , Sales & Purchases module
e-Way bills

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Tally Prime/ Tally ERP 9

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Bill of Materials (BOM) in Tally
Godown transactions in Tally
e-Way bills
TCS  , TDS entries
Memorandum and post-dated vouchers
Stock market entries
Capital gains in tally  
Closing stock entries 

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GST Introduction
How GST helped in a price reduction
Components of GST
New compliances under GST  
GST Rates
Composite and Mixed Supply
GST Place of Supply
GST Time & Value of supply
GST Eway bill 
GST Registration  
GST Return filing
 ITC setoff


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Goal Setting

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  Team Leading

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Certificate of completion

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