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Learn from the real world scenario and Practice Data

Create graphs & tables by using spreadsheets efficiently. Perform complex calculations and automate large volumes of data in mere seconds.

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About Course

MS Excel Basic course is specifically designed for the people who are a complete beginners and do not have any prior  knowledge regarding the MS Excel. If you are a complete beginner looking to start your journey in learning you have come to the right place. Start learning the skill-set needed by today’s employers.

Course Timeline

Week 1

  • Introduction to the power query tab, power query as an alternative to text to column

  • Import multiple excel files and combine them into the proper data set

  • Combined multiple tables in the same excel workbook with the help of blank query (Excel.CurrentWorkbook function)

  • Merge, Append, and Unpivot features

  • Six types of Merges

Week 2

  • Group By Feature- 5 Examples

  • Group By- 4th Argument (Unique list or Consecutive occurrences)

  • Two-Way Lookup- Exact Match

  • Two-Way Lookup- Approximate Match

  • Import of data from Web

Week 3

  • Power Pivot Introduction and Creation of Relationships between Tables as a replacement to VLOOKUP

  • Columnar Database

  • How to use PQ & PP together to create Data Model PivotTable

  • Choice between Standard PivotTable & Data Model PivotTable

  • Choice between Power Pivot & Power BI

Week 4

  • Creation of a simple dashboard using the Four Charts option

  • Introduction to DAX Formulas

  • SUMX Function & Date Table

  • Excel Power Pivot Dashboard

  • DAX Studio

Week 5

  • Introduction to Power BI

  • Import Of Data from Web

  • Merge, Combine and Append Data

  • Import Of Folders

  • Tooltip

  • Objects & Actions (Buttons)

Week 6

  • Dax Formulas

  • Slicers

  • Text functions

  • Date functions

  • Number functions

  • M Code

Week 7

  • AI visuals

  • KPI visual

  • Calculate Table Function

  • Running Totals Function

  • Cards & Filters

  • Column from Examples & Conditional column

Week 8

  • SUMMARIZE function

  • Date Table

  • How to create a forecast

  • Power BI Service

Who should enroll for the course?


Business Executives

Data enthusiasts

Aspiring marketers

Aspiring Accountants

Aspiring Chartered Accountants

Working Professional

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Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 30,000/-

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Human resource services

Live Online Classes​

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Daily Live Classes

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Regular Personal and Group Discussions

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30 hours of Rigorous Training

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1 Capstone Project

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